My Offer

Sibelle Khoury

Teacher once popped a question
Write about your suggestion
If you get to choose as the author
Your future job offer

Time’s up, pay attention
Pencils down, starting discussion
Engineer, lawyer, doctor
Professional player at soccer

I with no hesitation
Said a super fun profession
But what it is, doesn’t matter
A working lady or a minister

What matters is having passion
And making room for progression
The class? Burst out of laughter
However for the teacher, it was a shocker

Her very much priceless reaction
Made me proud of my confession
But not for long till comes the mocker
And follows me to my locker

He hated the teacher’s expression
Said he wasn’t the one to get all attention
So to me he became a monster
Reminding everyone everyday sarcastically about my “offer”

Hoping I’m an inspiration
For every similar situation
Narrated the story of my “offer”
While receiving my fifth oscar.

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