Memoirs of a Foreigner

They tell you that it will all be over soon and you’ll eventually get used to it. However, the reality hits the moment you realize that as you leave home now, you take with you the bits and pieces of people and things that make you who you are.

Only when you decide to return home, to your empty streets, will you realize that everything is different now. It is as if you packed up every little thing that you once cared about to try and keep it alive only to find no trace of it when you’ve returned.

You feel as if the world is rotating with you in the middle watching the days and the people you cared about most go by and disappear and you’re helpless. You are not able to do anything about it. This is the price you pay for living abroad. You get to see everything around you change all at once. You learn to appreciate all the little moments you have with your loved ones who mean the most. You get to suffer and heal all by yourself. You truly plant yourself in every place that feels like home.

But the most beautiful thing about leaving home and coming back to it is the acknowledgement of the fact that you feel a true sense of belonging. You grow!

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