XX in excess

Leen El Taki I am not the typical genetic XX you x-pect me to be. I am a compl-x combination of stardust and burnt ashes, I am x-citement dressed with a torn black lace dress- the designer: Reality I am the definition of an emotional roller coaster, The faster it goes the less likely you... Continue Reading →

Hold on tight, cause here we go

Leen El Taki When the darkness comforts you because it flatters the little light house of hope in you that was once a raging light, a striking thunder in the seas. When your bed is the only comfort that reaches the depth of your bones because it is the least harsh experience in life, When... Continue Reading →

Concrete freedom

Leen El Taki With a firm fist you jab Jab so hard against a locked door to knock it down. Frustration is the only thing feeding your hunger. Anger like crumbs scatter on the floor of gratitude. But you do not devour. You wonder how you got pinned down inside, What cuffed you so blindly... Continue Reading →

My Offer

Sibelle Khoury Teacher once popped a question Write about your suggestion If you get to choose as the author Your future job offer Time's up, pay attention Pencils down, starting discussion Engineer, lawyer, doctor Professional player at soccer I with no hesitation Said a super fun profession But what it is, doesn't matter A working... Continue Reading →

The prisoner within you

Leen El Taki I shed a tear for the prisoner within you. You have served him poison and taped his mouth shut. I look right through your glossy excuse of an eye, to his. The grey blossomed under your eyelids like an abandoned ashtray nurturing burned cigarettes and cancerous promises. The red upon your lips... Continue Reading →

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