What it means to be an extroverted introvert

“We wanted to tell you to come, but you were so quiet last time we thought maybe you didn’t enjoy yourself.” For a month at kindergarten, I wouldn’t let go of my mother. When I finally did, it took me a long time to make friends. That’s how it started: the way I was raised.... Continue Reading →

Inevitable Commitment

What a perfect place to be at. The room is dimly lit, orange light reflecting from the curtains that I am not familiar with. I get the feeling it’s a sunset, although it’s minutes past noon. A sunset is what would make this scene more sensible, and everything going on in my body and mind... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Foreigner

They tell you that it will all be over soon and you’ll eventually get used to it. However, the reality hits the moment you realize that as you leave home now, you take with you the bits and pieces of people and things that make you who you are. Only when you decide to return... Continue Reading →

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